7 Insights about newspaper advertising in India

The total readership of newspapers in India now stands at 407 million in 2017 compared to 295 million in 2014, which isa massive 39% rise in three years according to the latest round of the Indian Readership Survey (IRS)., a massive 39% rise in three years.

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The Increased readership numbers for newspapers and magazines will pave the way for publishers to increase their revenues, which would in turn help increase the size of print as an advertising medium.

Some key insights about newspaper advertising in India include:-

  1. Print advertising reaches over 32% of India’s total population.This makes it one of the most popular choices (along with television) for advertising Busting another myth that the youth does not read newspapers, the IRS 2017 data suggest that 42% of the population in the 12-15 years age group, and 50% between 16-19 years have read hard copy of at least one daily newspaper in past one month. Forty two per cent of the population in the age group of 20-29 years reads newspapers daily.
  2. Newspaper advertising is the cheapest if compared to television, radio, and other digital form of advertising. The advertising agencies like releasemyorder.com, work closely with advertisers to design and execute the ads as per the needs. Also, newspaper ads are highly customizable to meet the budget. For online booking of newspaper ads, contact releaseorder.com.
  1. Like online and television advertisement, the cost of newspaper advertisement depends on a number of factors such as:
  2. a) Size of the advertisement
  3. b)  The Newspaper
  4. c)  The section of the newspaper you want the advertisement to run
  5. d)  Frequency of your advertisements, and
  6. e)  Usage of colour in the ad
  7. The ease that online ad agencies like Release order, bring about in booking magazine and newspaper ads, makes them very easy to book and execute. This advertising medium is seeing a lot of innovations with digital prints of newspapers getting more popular.
  1. All Newspaper ads can be classified in one of the 3 types- Display Ads, Classified Ads and Innovative Newspaper Ads. Classified ads can be recognized by a number of small ads that are put together e.g. matrimonial ads etc. The second category of ads called display advertisement in Newspapers is the most common ad that we see. The third category of Innovative Newspaper advertising includes advertising options outside of display ad or classifieds. Examples of these include pointer ads, Ear Panels, samplings and Newspaper Jackets.
  1. Compared to earlier days, newspapers today have become aggressive for ad bookings and readership which has forced them to be innovative. They have introduced new features such as advertorials. This is a combination of advertisement and editorial and impact features.
  1. Newspapers are printed in various Indian languages. This makes it easy to target a particular audience for the ads as per the target consumers. Furthermore, the availability of different editions of newspapers, geographically also helps in reaching the target audience easily and effectively.

We hope that these facts will help you get an insight into the newspaper advertising sector. For any further details, visitwww.releaseorder.com.

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Reasons to advertise on newspaper websites

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According to a recent study by the newspaper association of India, more than half of the respondents said that ads on newspaper websites made them aware of the product or the current store sale. This indicates how beneficial it is actually to advertise on newspaper websites.
It is important for advertisers to understand their customer profile so that they know whether those people read newspapers or rely on online sources of news which makes the wastage of efforts to bare minimum.

Newspapers ads online
Firstly as we all know newspaper website audiences is growing it is better to shift our focus from the traditional newspaper ads to newspaper website advertising. Almost 40% of the active internet population visits a newspaper website each day to read the day’s news.
Secondly the section of society that uses the websites constitute a higher quality audience due to its content which makes it far more likely that purchase would take place which can be in any category; home, travel, business, entertainment, etc.
Thirdly it would not be wrong to say that an individual would also read the print version during the week and vice versa hence the chances of repetition increases brand recognition and awareness which is very helpful to the advertiser.
Fourthly, digital advertising allows the advertiser to give a personal and more relevant offering through localized ads custom made for the local audience as well. Along with this benefit due to the online registrations and subscription model it becomes easier for the advertiser to segment its proffered customers and give more relevant and real time information to them.
Fifthly, time spent by online newspaper readers is twice as much as an average user surfing the web. Hence advertiser should target those newspaper website readers.
According to reports, 89% of the newspaper website users make purchase online. The reports also noted that 40% of online newspaper users have annual income higher than the others.
As we all know digitally content is the master. Online users spend a good amount of time on content relating to sports, finance, and entertainment. Hence sites pertaining to these segments should be the main target of the advertisers.
Releaseorder believes that its main aim is to educate its customers so that a knowledgeable decision could be made by the advertiser rather than just spending their hard earned money on any media vehicle without understanding its pros and cons.
Feel free to call us on 011-26693766 or just send in a query on www.releaseorder.com for any advertising related query. We’ll be happy to provide our professional services.

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