Top 10 Highly Creative Indian Print ads

Advertisements have been a very important tool of promotion and marketing for a while now. But we aren’t used to many great ads. Some are just plain stupid. But recall value should be based on creativity and nothing else.

Print advertisements

There’s something about print ads though. Television ads give you time, audio and so much more but print ads require high levels of creativity. Some of the brightest minds spend countless hours and sleepless nights to come up with creative ads and campaigns, it is ironic that their popularity is rivalled by ads like these:

Now that your brain has been scandalized and common sense has gone for a toss, here are a few smart Indian ads that used exceptional creativity and wit to get the message across. Maybe they’ll make you feel reassured and just reiterate the importance of highly creative ads to get the message across.

  1.  Nissan’s thought about diminishing parking spaces
  2. Berger Natural finish colours blend into the surroundings perfectly
  3. Fevicol’s ads ‘stick’ with you.
  4. They really do.
  5. A great technique employed by!
  6. Tide- nothing whiter that this
  7. Rajasthan tourism found this very creative way of capturing the essence of the state. 
  8. This should be ‘sher’ed as much as possible.
  9. Kolkata traffic Police
  10. A little too explicit, but it does get the message across
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5 Trends in digital Marketing

It certainly looks like 2019 is going to be significant for the digital advertising space. With an increase in digital video spending and the time spent on digital media, this advertising space is surely going to have revolutionary technologies and newer ways of reaching people.

Digital marketing advertisements

In online marketing terms in-house marketing, cookie-less tracking, programmatic TV, as well as many more are sure to transform the way marketers work in the year to come.

1. OOH to Programmatic DOOH

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising is nothing new. It has been an incredibly successful medium over the years. In 2019, OOH is moving into the future with programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH). The progression of DOOH into the mainstream market has been limited up to this point. But with the advances in programmatic, DOOH is becoming more accessible.For the first time in 2018, programmatic DOOH overtook mainstream OOH. There is no doubt that DOOH will become the norm for outdoor advertising in 2019.With exciting developments in mobile location, anonymised data, and media buying – DOOH is the future.

2. Increase in the use of online/connected TV

With the launch of companies such as Sky AdSmart in India (Used by Colours TV for promotion of Bigg Boss 11) programmatic TV has suddenly become more accessible to advertisers. Being able to segment target audiences and measure effectiveness alongside that of other online channels brings TV advertising into the future ready space in 2019.

3. Cookieless tracking?

We’ve been hearing of the death of cookie for years now. Will 2019 finally be the year when all warnings come true? We’re not sure.

But they certainly present exciting opportunities for omnichannel advertising. With their ability to follow user behaviour across devices, probabilistic and deterministic advertising can be far more effective for retargeting efforts. And in the age of mobile advertising, this trend may continue

4. Video will be the king of media the second year running

Short, highly-snackable video content has been on the rise for quite some time. And in 2019 video ad spend will rise to greater heights – with mobile and social taking much of the share.

Video is highly effective no matter what medium. In display advertising terms, video banners and ads perform better than ads without. For 2019, make sure to invest in video.

5. Facebook and Google set to lose?

At the beginning of 2018 all anybody was talking about was the rise of Facebook and Google and their duopoly over digital advertising. However, with the unending controversy plaguing Facebook and the rise of Amazon PPC, we may see a new power couple for 2019 and beyond.

The advertising opportunities with Amazon are there for the taking and expect to see growth in this market soar in the new year.


Online advertising is constantly evolving as an industry. New technologies, ideas, and companies are consistently challenging the space of digital advertising.

It can seem difficult to stay ahead of these trends and implement them into your own marketing strategies. Which is why having the right technology and expertise is the key. We would be happy to serve your needs. For any further details, visit

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7 Factors to Consider before selecting an Ad-agency

Businesses hire an external ad agency, only once they are certified of the fact that the agency will help them execute their advertising and promotional campaigns more effectively. This is because the individuals working in an agency are not just passionate about advertising, but are also knowledgeable experts and thrive on the values of unity and dedication for the project at hand. Most advertisers work with an agency, in order to ensure that the work is carried out smoothly and is up to industry standards. Here are 7 factors you MUST include in your research to narrow down on an agency:

Book advertisement agency in India

  1. Total extent of the Agency:
    In most cases, the larger the agency, the better quality of services offered by the same. When an agency operates on a larger scale, it is pretty obvious that it has the financial prowess to hire a good amount of ad professionals. Also, smaller agencies do not have the skill to provide a wide range of services. With the advent of large agencies, it is always preferable to consult a huge ad agency.
  2. Number of clients:
    Most agencies have their own website or brochure. You must log on to their website and view the existing clients being handled by the agency, before hiring them to carry out your own work. An expert advises that if the agency has a client on board that deals in the same line of products as yours, it is recommended to avoid the agency in order to avoid the occurrence of repetitive work and exchange of crucial business information with the competitor.
  3. Types of services offered:
    It is essential to view the types of ad and non-ad-based services offered by the agency. Depending on your requirements, you can hire a small or a large ad agency accordingly. Moreover, certain types of agencies specialise in a particular industry such as FMCG advertising while other agencies may specialise in industrial marketing.
  4. Media Contacts possessed by the Agency:
    With the help of adequate media contacts, the agency will be able to accommodate the desired place, date and time required for the promotion of your business. Agencies that closely work with most communication channels such as radio channels, TV channels, publishers, printers and so on are the ones to consider.
  5. Agency location and Proximity:
    It is important to calculate the location of the advertisement agency for better communication and contact with the agency. The closer the proximity to the agency, the better convenience, control and involvement with its activities.
  6. Methods of payment and compensation:
    It is good to compare the ad rates demanded by different agencies before zeroing in on the perfect one. This is because different agencies charge different amounts and promotional activities are always bound by tight budgets.
  7. Total amount of involvement:
    An agency must show complete respect for the client and allow it to take part in the activities, give its feedback and work with the same form time-to-time. Moreover, monthly reports and expenses should be shown by the advertiser on an alternate basis.

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