7 Insights about newspaper advertising in India

The total readership of newspapers in India now stands at 407 million in 2017 compared to 295 million in 2014, which isa massive 39% rise in three years according to the latest round of the Indian Readership Survey (IRS)., a massive 39% rise in three years.

newspaper ad booking services

The Increased readership numbers for newspapers and magazines will pave the way for publishers to increase their revenues, which would in turn help increase the size of print as an advertising medium.

Some key insights about newspaper advertising in India include:-

  1. Print advertising reaches over 32% of India’s total population.This makes it one of the most popular choices (along with television) for advertising Busting another myth that the youth does not read newspapers, the IRS 2017 data suggest that 42% of the population in the 12-15 years age group, and 50% between 16-19 years have read hard copy of at least one daily newspaper in past one month. Forty two per cent of the population in the age group of 20-29 years reads newspapers daily.
  2. Newspaper advertising is the cheapest if compared to television, radio, and other digital form of advertising. The advertising agencies like releasemyorder.com, work closely with advertisers to design and execute the ads as per the needs. Also, newspaper ads are highly customizable to meet the budget. For online booking of newspaper ads, contact releaseorder.com.
  1. Like online and television advertisement, the cost of newspaper advertisement depends on a number of factors such as:
  2. a) Size of the advertisement
  3. b)  The Newspaper
  4. c)  The section of the newspaper you want the advertisement to run
  5. d)  Frequency of your advertisements, and
  6. e)  Usage of colour in the ad
  7. The ease that online ad agencies like Release order, bring about in booking magazine and newspaper ads, makes them very easy to book and execute. This advertising medium is seeing a lot of innovations with digital prints of newspapers getting more popular.
  1. All Newspaper ads can be classified in one of the 3 types- Display Ads, Classified Ads and Innovative Newspaper Ads. Classified ads can be recognized by a number of small ads that are put together e.g. matrimonial ads etc. The second category of ads called display advertisement in Newspapers is the most common ad that we see. The third category of Innovative Newspaper advertising includes advertising options outside of display ad or classifieds. Examples of these include pointer ads, Ear Panels, samplings and Newspaper Jackets.
  1. Compared to earlier days, newspapers today have become aggressive for ad bookings and readership which has forced them to be innovative. They have introduced new features such as advertorials. This is a combination of advertisement and editorial and impact features.
  1. Newspapers are printed in various Indian languages. This makes it easy to target a particular audience for the ads as per the target consumers. Furthermore, the availability of different editions of newspapers, geographically also helps in reaching the target audience easily and effectively.

We hope that these facts will help you get an insight into the newspaper advertising sector. For any further details, visitwww.releaseorder.com.

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How to Book an Advertisement for Missing Documents in Newspaper?

At times it’s unfortunate that you lose your valuable documents like mark sheets, legal documents like property agreement, passport, driving license or anything of such importance. In some cases it so happens that these documents are found by some other person and they wouldn’t know where to return them. In both the above cases, booking a “Lost & Found” advertisement in any daily newspaper is the best solution. As we have a wide range of newspaper tie-ups, you can give any kind of Lost & Found advertisement and we will assist you in booking the ads at the earliest without any hassle for a quick response.

These announcement notices should mention all the accurate details with no discrepancy otherwise there would be a problem for acceptance. Releaseorder will also help you suggest which newspaper you should book your ad according to your budget, location, etc.

You can book Newspaper Advertisement for Lost Certificates in just a few simple steps in the newspaper and at the lowest cost without any worry.

-Visit http://www.releaseorder.com/

Type Lost & Found in the search box. You will get 3 categories to choose from Classified Text, Classified Display & Display. Choose the option you want to go ahead with.

Select the Name of the Newspaper and the Edition you want to book an ad in. all the special offers related to the newspaper will be listed down. Select the one you want and Proceed to Compose Ad.

Write down the content of your ad, if you are not well versed with the type of content you would want in your ad we have a few samples from which you could choose the most relevant one. Proceed after previewing your ad, select suitable dates and no. of insertions.

Review the details filled, make the payment. Don’t worry all your transactions are secured on our website.

Once you have made the payment and the booking is confirmed, our customer care executive will get back to you to confirm your ad and help you in case of any confusion.

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Indian Readership Survey 2017: 40% Increase Indian Newspaper Readership

What is IRS? How does it impact the publishers & advertisers? What importance does it hold?Newpaper readership surveyIRS is conducted by MRUC (Media Research Users Council) and RSCI (Readership Studies Council of India). It is said to be one of a kind and the largest continuous readership research study in the world.

According to IRS 2017 released yesterday, new readers of newspaper have increased to more than 110 million which is almost 40% rise since the last IRS which came out in 2014. This should bring joy to all the advertisers who were sceptical to advertise in newspapers earlier. The research shows that the number of rural readers is more in the overall category of new readers when compared with the urban population. India should take deep pride as this indicates that the overall literacy rate in rural India has increased immensely. We should also not forget that this survey indicates that the old newspaper reading habit has not yet faded and that the advertisers will definitely enjoy a larger reach when advertisements are released in newspapers. Newspaper readership was 50 per cent in the 16-19 year age group, the highest in any age segment, followed by 42 per cent each in the 12-15 years and 20-29 year age group indicating that the newspapers have an immense youth readership.


Hindi newspapers as well as Guajarati newspapers have seen a huge spur in readership of about 45% , whereas English daily newspapers only saw a growth of 10%.

Readership of magazines has almost doubled where in the increase in the urban readers was more than the rural. In percentage terms, a total of seven per cent of India read magazines in 2017, 12 per cent of urban India and five per cent of rural India contributed to magazine readership.

Advertisers will now have a clearer picture than ever, as to which media would help solve their media planning queries. Release Order would want to let you know more about the leading newspapers in the following blogs, but for now The Top Regional Publications are listed below:-

Newspaper booking agency


1.     Asomia Pratidin

2.     Asomia Khabar

3.     Niyamiya Barta

4.     Dainik Assam

5.     Amar Asom


1.     Ananda Bazaar Patrika

2.     Bartaman

3.     Sangbad Pratidin

4.     EI Samay

5.     Uttar Banga Sambad


1.     Gujarat Samachar

2.     Sandesh

3.     Divya Bhaskar

4.     Kutch Mitra

5.     Surashtra samachar


1.     Lokmat

2.     Daily Sakal

3.     Punya Nagari

4.     Pudhari

5.     Loksatta


1.     Malayalam Manorama

2.     Mathrubhumi

3.     Deshabhimani

4.     Madhyamam

5.     Kerala Kaumudi


1.     Vijaya Karnataka

2.     Vijayavani

3.     Prajavani

4.     Udayavani

5.     Kannada Prabha

Top 15 Newspapers in India: Last 1 Month Read (Total Readership)

1.     Dainik Jagran

2.     Hindustan

3.     Amar Ujala

4.     Dainik Bhaskar

5.     Daily Thanthi

6.     Lokmat

7.     Rajasthan Patrika

8.     Malayala Manorama

9.     Eenadu

10.   Prabhat Khabar

11.   Times Of India

12.   Anandabazaar Patrika

13.   Punjab Kesari

14.   Dinakaran

15.   Mathrubhumi



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Which is better? Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing

When we talk about the traditional media forms such as; television, newspapers, magazines and radio, we often hear that these mediums are not as effective in producing sales as they were in the past. Advertisers need to understand that because the markets are changing, it is important that the media must reach the product’s best prospects. They also need to understand that it is not that a certain media has been inadequate, it is many a times noticed that the media planners have not understood the markets precisely which is leading to a particular media’s failure to improve the sale and thus the ROI. We at ReleaseOrder help you to cater to your needs only after understanding the entire market dynamics.  We also adjust the selling message which caters to different needs of different consumers if the advertiser wants us to, making this one of our USPs.

Newspaper advertising services

Many small as well as medium businesses struggle while deciding which kind of marketing to do as they only have a budget set for any of them and not both. This blog will help all those advertisers who are still searching for answers.

Benefits of Traditional Marketing

1)  Advertisers can easily reach their target local, regional audience as their target audience might already be exposed to – newspapers, pamphlets, flyers, radio, television.

2)  This media is easier to understand.

3)  The audience can keep a hard copy of materials, which could be read or browsed through over and over again as and when need arises.

4)  In general as studies suggest, humans have a tendency to trust the brand or product more when their marketing is supported by a hard copy compared with digital media (email and display ads).

Release Order has a wide range of traditional media marketing vehicles which could be taken advantage off by any advertiser may it be a small emerging company or any medium sized business or even an individual personal advertising for that matter.

Traditional marketing agency

Benefits of Digital Marketing

1)  This medium helps the advertiser to target a local audience as well as an international one.

2)  Digital marketing has an advantage of customizing a campaign to specific audience demographics such as; gender, location, age & interests making the campaign even more effective.

3)  The target audience can choose in which form do they want to receive your content; on YouTube as a video or as a blog post or as a notification.

4)  Data and results are easily recordable as well as traceable. Google Analytics plays a major role in giving you the right insight of every promotional activity you are doing.

So, which kind of marketing is better?

Well as an experienced advertising agency ReleaseOrder recommends both.  Obviously as the traditional media has been performing, improving sales of so many brands all these years we very well know that it works. Having said that, we also understand that the future lies in digital marketing, but advertisers should understand that in India there are still many places where internet has not yet spread its presence.

Our strong suggestion would be that rather than opting for one of these, it would be better to use a multi- channel approach so that you get to leverage the unique benefits of newspapers, radio channels, along with the best performing digital platforms such as Facebook and Google.

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Book educational Ads in any Indian Newspaper Instantly Online

Book Education Ads in Hindustan Time

‘The best courses to get your dream job…”, ‘Join us and give a boost to your career…’ , ‘ Learn from the faculty of IIT & IIM…’ .You must be very familiar with such taglines by now. These educational ads, truth be spoken are very confusing for a student and the parents as well because nowadays everyone is exposed to million such ads especially during admission season. There are a lot of colleges, institutes and schools who claim to be number one in providing education and adequate training to students. A student in particular aims at achieving the best and thus all the educational institutes try to mark their presence through all the possible media channels of communication.

Classifieds ads in Hindustan times

We all know that the education field in India is growing with immense opportunities and all the competitors in the markets are using those catchy taglines and the most creative illustrations to attract more and more students. Since new institutions are coming up daily, educational advertisements are gaining more importance. Recent studies show that people still trust newspapers more than any other platform for advertising as the number of audience it can showcase the ad to be much more than any other media vehicle. As an advertiser the most important thing is to choose a newspaper which has a huge impact on your target readers. Is your ad catering to the entire country, state or are you just interested in attracting students in the nearby geographical location? To get a maximum response you should thoroughly study your target audience and then choose the newspaper and the edition to reach out to all of them.

Educational Ads are one of the most important and popular category in newspapers and can be booked in any daily or special supplement. For example, Times of India has a special supplement catering to only educational ads and related subject matter.

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