Top 10 Highly Creative Indian Print ads

Advertisements have been a very important tool of promotion and marketing for a while now. But we aren’t used to many great ads. Some are just plain stupid. But recall value should be based on creativity and nothing else.

Print advertisements

There’s something about print ads though. Television ads give you time, audio and so much more but print ads require high levels of creativity. Some of the brightest minds spend countless hours and sleepless nights to come up with creative ads and campaigns, it is ironic that their popularity is rivalled by ads like these:

Now that your brain has been scandalized and common sense has gone for a toss, here are a few smart Indian ads that used exceptional creativity and wit to get the message across. Maybe they’ll make you feel reassured and just reiterate the importance of highly creative ads to get the message across.

  1.  Nissan’s thought about diminishing parking spaces
  2. Berger Natural finish colours blend into the surroundings perfectly
  3. Fevicol’s ads ‘stick’ with you.
  4. They really do.
  5. A great technique employed by!
  6. Tide- nothing whiter that this
  7. Rajasthan tourism found this very creative way of capturing the essence of the state. 
  8. This should be ‘sher’ed as much as possible.
  9. Kolkata traffic Police
  10. A little too explicit, but it does get the message across
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