Things to Remember While Planning an Inflight Campign.

In flight advertising has been recently considered to be one of the best ways to advertise your brand. If the brand has deep pockets and wants to target a focused audience who are affluential and have the capability to purchase at their discretion then this form of advertising is the best for you. Advertisers should also know that the cost of running an in-flight advertising campaign varies tremendously. At ReleaseOrder we’ll take you through some of the main factors to keep in mind while planning your campaign.

Inflight campaign

  • How to decide which airline should you advertise with?

The most important thing to understand is where your target market is based and supposedly where will they travel to in order to select the right airline to advertise with.  Understanding the demographics such as nationality, socio-economic  group, language, etc is very vital. has a dedicated team focusing only on inflight advertisement. Whether your marketing campaign is regional or on a global scale, then the costing would be accordingly.

  • Which class of passenger are you targeting?

In flight there are basically 3 types of class; First, Business and Economy.

In general advertisers who are looking at in- flight advertising are focussing on high-end consumers however, to make your campaigns even more affective you might just want to specify which class of passengers you want to reach.

  • Inflight campaign can just be a part ofa multi – channel advertising campaign.

In-flight advertising consists of many different channels. These multi-channel campaigns can be best explained through some examples; the creative of print ads in magazines & newspapers will be adapted and edited slightly for inflight magazines. Same is the case with existing TV commercials, those can be used in digital display banners for advertising on airlines’ website. Along with the efficiency it is also very cost effective.

  • of people you want to reach.

Every advertising campaign will have different objectives when it comes to reach and scale. In-flight advertising is very flexible as it allows you to select channel based on the number of consumers you want to reach out to.

  • Duration of the campaign.

How long do you want your campaign to last? This is directly related to how many people you want your advertisement to reach. Frequency of the issues of in-flight magazines vary from airline to airline. Some are produced on monthly basis, some on quarterly or bi monthly basis.

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