How to Book an Advertisement for Missing Documents in Newspaper?

At times it’s unfortunate that you lose your valuable documents like mark sheets, legal documents like property agreement, passport, driving license or anything of such importance. In some cases it so happens that these documents are found by some other person and they wouldn’t know where to return them. In both the above cases, booking a “Lost & Found” advertisement in any daily newspaper is the best solution. As we have a wide range of newspaper tie-ups, you can give any kind of Lost & Found advertisement and we will assist you in booking the ads at the earliest without any hassle for a quick response.

These announcement notices should mention all the accurate details with no discrepancy otherwise there would be a problem for acceptance. Releaseorder will also help you suggest which newspaper you should book your ad according to your budget, location, etc.

You can book Newspaper Advertisement for Lost Certificates in just a few simple steps in the newspaper and at the lowest cost without any worry.


Type Lost & Found in the search box. You will get 3 categories to choose from Classified Text, Classified Display & Display. Choose the option you want to go ahead with.

Select the Name of the Newspaper and the Edition you want to book an ad in. all the special offers related to the newspaper will be listed down. Select the one you want and Proceed to Compose Ad.

Write down the content of your ad, if you are not well versed with the type of content you would want in your ad we have a few samples from which you could choose the most relevant one. Proceed after previewing your ad, select suitable dates and no. of insertions.

Review the details filled, make the payment. Don’t worry all your transactions are secured on our website.

Once you have made the payment and the booking is confirmed, our customer care executive will get back to you to confirm your ad and help you in case of any confusion.

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How can Airport Advertising help your Brand?

With businesses growing exponentially, purchasing power of customer has increased and so the lifestyle of an individual has also improved. People are now always on the move either they are travelling from one office to another or from one state to another or even one country to another for business purpose. Hence, finding affluence customers and grabbing their attention has been of utmost importance for all the leading  brands. Needless to say that these people are impulsive buyers and also the decision makers and hence marketing your brand to them is important to improve your sales. Research suggests that 3 out of every 4 passenger in the airport looks at the advertising displayed inside the airport.

Airport advertising services

For the advertisers there are endless opportunities to be explored when it comes to airport advertising. ReleaseOrder caters to a wide variety of options if you are looking for airport advertising. There are endless combinations that could be made solely for the advertisers to cater to all the requirements whether it be inside the airport activation’s,LED scrolling displays, plasma panels,luggage push carts, conveyor belts, hoardings at the arrival and departure gates or in flight advertising, etc. Since the customer reaches the airport almost 2 hours before his flight in case of national flights and almost 4 hours before the scheduled departure in case of international flights, he has ample amount of time to look at various display advertisements hence the advertiser should not miss the opportunity to showcase their brand, product or service.  There are also various touch-points which are the most captivating areas and of utmost importance for brands to book their slot.

Airport advertising can also be considered as one of the most cost effective investment as the advertisement for display os round the clock, so the brands enjoy maximum exposure. Advertisers should really focus more on their content and presentation on the airports as the most attractive and eye catching mediums of communication gets noticed more easily rather than other traditional mediums.

Whether your brand caters to B2B or B2C advertising on the airport helps all kinds of businesses. Mostly business class travelers are highly responsive to airport advertising as they have the pocket to purchase without any hassles. On the other hand, due to competition as we all know the airlines are making the flight tickets cheaper to attract more customers which is in turn helping to grab the mass towards the airports and thus brands which deal in lifestyle products, utility products, etc are all opting for airport advertising. As a brand owner/ manager if you haven’t yet opted for this medium then you are surely missing out on a huge opportunity. So, hurry make the most of this medium. Call us on 011-26693766 or mail us at for any media related queries or to get a suitable media plan for your brand without any hassle.

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Book Obituary Ads In Any Leading Indian Newspaper

Book Obituary adsObituary, if we go by the normal Google definition is “a notice of a death, especially in a newspaper, typically including a brief biography of the deceased person.” But that is not all, in addition to straightforward death announcements, there are obituary ceremonies (such as the chautha), condolence notices, commemorations (as on birth and death anniversaries), in memoriam, tributes and remembrances among other forms of obituaries which are generally announced by the closed ones through newspapers.

We humans have different ways of expressing our love and condolences to the departed soul. We all know that along with one’s own grief, one must also deal with calling up relatives, friends and well-wishers to inform them, meeting people calling personally or telephoning with condolences, consoling visiting mourners, all of this at the same time can be very difficult and confusing. Hence, we at releaseorder try and reduce your pain to some extent. We have a team of highly professional individuals with more than 10 years of experience who have been in contact with every local, regional and national newspaper in English as well as all Indian languages across the country.

Our team is thus aware of all the newspapers’ editions, rates and would be able to guide you better. Our online facility saves advertisers from having to contact the papers and negotiate the deals and go through the cumbersome process. Instead, the customers have to simply use their laptops or office computers or cell phones to make a single online instant contact, or else just call us on 91-11-26693766  to place obituary anywhere in India. You would not have to rush to the newspaper office or branch for this purpose. You can book an ad slot sitting in the comfort of your home or office and at any time that suits you the best. Our website offers you 24*7 hours support.So, without wasting any more time immediately book obituary ads in any Indian newspaper to make announcements about the death of your loved one.

For any inquiry while Obituary Ad booking, please kindly call us at 9268808079  the best part about directly contacting us is that we may have better alternatives that we could suggest you as we are dealing with all types of advertising requirements throughout the country or you could also mail us at to get instant response.


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